BOP policy statement/change notice regarding FSA implementations highlighting the applicability now for inmates with outstanding detainers to have eligibility in accruing program credits.

BOP Policy Statement 5410.01 CN-2 (3/10/23): ‘Change Notice’ to First Step Act of 2018 – Time Credits: Procedures for Implementation of 18 U.S.C § 3632(d)(4)

DOJ issuing its first executive summary with regards to FSA implementation following a year of further development and analysis.

First Step Act Annual Report / DOJ: April 2023

BOP Reentry Services Division provides the latest FSA Approved Programs Guide.

First Step Act Approved Programs Guide / DOJ/BOP: September 2023

The additionally available Reentry Services Division chart further outlines priorities with Risk/Needs Assessment and Programs/Incentives criteria in a concisely presented manner.

First Step Act Basics / BOP Reentry Services Division: December 2023