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The Justice Advocacy Group offers assistance to criminal lawyers and their clients preparing comprehensive sentencing memoranda and offering strategic defense sentencing planning, sentencing guidelines research and presentation of mitigation evidence. The group also works in the areas of federal prisoner classification and designation, program application methods and advising on reentry pre-release services.

Promise and Commitment to a Realistic Approach and Honest Advocacy Advice… Unfortunately in this field of assistance to clients with serious legal issues, there are many inexperienced and insincere individuals offering this type of advocacy – and they may advise you of things that are simply not possible.  Both the federal Bureau of Prisons and state Department of Corrections are rigid entities in their policy directives.  A complete and thorough understanding of such is key to advancing the legitimate interests of a client.

My three decades plus of doing this particular work – and a comprehensive knowledge of corrections environments at all levels – will serve a client well as they go through this experience.  Whether pre-sentencing mitigation issues, facility designation upon imposition of a sentence, the myriad of circumstances that can arise once incarcerated, or working toward an early pre-release date/plan – I possess a unique background in terms of involvement in these matters and promise a committed dedication to realistic assessment – and a workable strategy for the best advocacy possible.