We are extremely active in helping clients obtain pre-release transfers to BOP contracted Residential Re-Entry Centers (i.e., community confinement centers or halfway houses). We work carefully with the BOP’s Residential Re-Entry Managers in the district of release. We thoroughly prepare the client for the re-entry process. It is vitally important that a client understands what they will encounter at a BOP contracted pre-release center. The rules vary from facility to facility and can be remarkably inconsistent.  Knowing the procedures helps for a smooth transition to and through the re-entry stage of the sentence.

Today, most minimum and low-security inmates are routinely transferred to home confinement for the last 10% of their sentence (up to a maximum of six months). At times, however, inmates are not transferred to home confinement at their 10% date due to bureaucratic situations. It is then imperative that a professional with knowledge of the system rectify the problem. Our firm does this often and regularly as a matter of course.

As a regular matter of course we also make a strong case to the BOP to maximize a client’s time in pre-release, focusing on transitional goals to be achieved for a productive return to the community.  We comprehensively assist a client in developing relevant points to discuss with institution staff at pre-release Unit Team meetings – and additionally discuss these matters directly with the BOP’s Residential Re-Entry Managers, who we have developed professional working relationships with over the years.

In state related cases we work closely with DOC staff to facilitate work release approval at the earliest stage of a sentence as possible.  State criteria differs from federal objectives regarding pre-release opportunities as there are typically no RRCs (halfway houses) structured into state systems.  Work (or Temporary) release programs offer a manner of early release within state corrections and we work persistently toward achieving this for our clients who meet the various criteria.

For assistance with re-entry services contact Joel Sickler and the Justice Advocacy Group today.