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Justice Advocacy Group (JAG) staff is diverse in background and highly qualified in their areas of expertise.  JAG lawyers, investigators, writers, researchers and corrections specialists are the best in their fields and proactively combine efforts in a client’s defense.  Joel Sickler has worked with his staff for many years developing a structure and process well suited to advocating thoroughly on behalf of a client.  JAG is a team second to none that will consistently provide a stellar effort toward these goals.

Fundamental principals of advocacy for clients is outlined distinctly through the following Sentencing Project presentation of which Joel Sickler had a significant role in creating over a decade ago in 2003.  These good principals have served as a foundation and productive basis for proceeding in all matters client advocacy related.

Read the 2003 Report

Staying well versed regarding BOP internal direction within the context of their publicly stated policies is key to comprehensively understanding and strategically advocating on behalf of a client to the fullest potential.  Insights into BOP preferences and patterns – with pre-release and related home confinement eligibility issues (for example) – is key to legitimately maximizing a period a pre-release and communicating effectively with the BOP to achieve this.

BOP Dodrill Memo – RRC Changes 6-24-10

BOP Davis Memo – HC and RRC Placement 5.24.13