The Justice Advocacy Group prides itself on having the right individuals on staff contributing to a project’s goals and ideal end result. Ivy Woolf Turk joining our firm has proven quite valuable, especially to female clients heading into the federal system. Ivy’s breadth of knowledge regarding female federal institutions is thorough and the benefit to clients from access to her expertise has been enormously positive.

From one of the esteemed law firms utilizing JAG services:

“I sat in on the meeting between Ivy and Lucy [sentenced client]. Ivy is terrific. She is a real asset to your organization. She offered not only a blow-by-blow description of the surrender process, but a great deal of wisdom on the subject of how to ‘do time.’ Her lecture on what happens on the date of surrender is invaluable, particularly for female inmates.” Maurice Sercarz, Esq. / Sercarz & Riopelle, LLP, New York, N.Y.

Ivy Woolf Turk is the former Co-Creator and Director of The Blackbird Project at the Women’s Prison Association. She is also the founder of Project Liberation, Liberation Prison Yoga, with programs at Rikers Island (NYC) and the Bedford Hills and Taconic NYS DOC facilities in upstate NY. She’s taught GED courses and English Literacy at the Danbury Federal Prison Camp for women, also facilitating workshops in creative writing, journaling, meditation and yoga. She’s worked with various programs and demographically diverse groups of women in speaking with at-risk youth about the consequences of poor life choices – and was involved with Connecticut’s anti-gun violence campaign, helping to produce the movie “The 5K Motion.”

Ivy is also a Certified Professional Life Coach. The effects of arrest, sentencing, incarceration and re-entry often leave many feeling lost and discouraged. Ivy is able to work with certain JAG clients overwhelmed by their legal process who may not have meaningful family support available at home. With someone requiring this added assistance while going through a sentencing/incarceration experience, Ivy can make a real difference toward the strong personal attitude that will be essential to get through it… learning to identify what’s important, align values, (re)build self-esteem, develop purpose and support, embrace change and adapt, and remain optimistic in fostering coping skills through establishing positive goals. Ivy can resourcefully help those both on the inside and outside of prison, believing that good people can be empowered to once again live full lives.