Expanding opportunities for pre-release and community reintegration as promoted by the DOJ:

U.S. DOJ: Attorney General Eric Holder Convenes Inaugural Cabinet-Level Re-Entry Council

President Obama and Attorney General Holder’s developing policies and budget commitments regarding alternatives to incarceration and community re-entry:

U.S. DOJ: Attorney General Holder Announces President Obama’s Budget – Proposes $173 Million for Criminal Justice Reform

DOJ and Attorney General Holder’s recent new goals for quality initiatives and services within Residential Re-Entry Centers to better prepare individuals for release:

U.S. DOJ: In New Step to Fight Recidivism, Attorney General Holder Announces Justice Department to Require Federal Halfway Houses to Boost Treatment Services for Inmates Prior to Release

Federal RRCs (halfway houses) can vary diversely in capabilities and professionalism.  The privatized nature of corporations awarded contracts through the BOP (to manage these facilities) can result in inconsistencies deviating from standard policies.  Staying aware of these particular matters in great detail is important when representing a client’s pre-release options:

Federal Halfway House in Brooklyn, a Dubious Operator