BOP transferring inmates from Federal facilities to pre-release and early supervised release – formalizing how FSA time credits are applied – 10 to 15 days for each 30 day period of satisfactorily completed ‘Evidence-Based Recidivism Reduction Programs’ and ‘Productive Activities’ (w/earned credits eligibility applied retroactively to 12/21/18) – please contact Justice Advocacy Group LLC for further explanation or guidance as needed.

New Rule Implementing Federal Time Credits / DOJ Office of Public Affairs 1/13/22

DOJ-BOP – FSA Time Credits, Final Rule (1/19/22) ‘Federal Register’

Helpful Chart of FSA Earned Time Credits (Federal Defender Services Administrative Office U.S. Courts)

FSA 2018 Earned Time Credits (PDF/Chart) – Sentencing Resource Council for Federal Public Community Defenders (November 2019)

Thousands of Federal Inmates to be Released Under 2018 Law (ABC News 1/13/22)

DOJ-BOP – FSA Approved Programs Guide / February 2021 (Reference)