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Joel Sickler has worked in the field of sentencing and corrections for more than 30 years and currently heads the Justice Advocacy Group, LLC.  He is one of the country’s premier post-conviction specialists.

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DOJ Announces Release of Inmates Under First Step Act and Publishes FSA ‘Risks and Needs Assessment System’

The Department of Justice announced on 7/19/19 with...

Elderly Offender Home Detention / First Step Act / Compassionate Release

BOP issued a revised Compassionate Release program statement...

Recent BOP Revisions to RDAP Policies

The BOP has revised aspects of their Residential...

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Welcome to the Justice Advocacy Group

The Justice Advocacy Group offers assistance to criminal lawyers and their clients preparing comprehensive sentencing memoranda and offering strategic defense sentencing planning, sentencing guidelines research and presentation of mitigation evidence. The group also works in the areas of federal prisoner designation, program classification, pre-release, and more.